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  • Bride2Be (04/20/24)
  • Mother of 3
  • Counselor/Therapist
  • Financial Advisor
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Young, Black, & Educated

Young, Black, & Educated

Young, Black, & Educated



Neeka's Bio:

Born and raised in Crowley, Louisiana

Welcomed my first son (Kyris) at age 16

Welcomed my second son (Colbi) at age 20

Welcomed my last child and only daughter (Tootie) at age 25

Relocated to Houston, Texas in 2012

Began a career at MD Anderson in 2013

Received Bachelor's from Texas Southern University (2015) - HBCU!

Received MBA from University of Texas at Tyler (2016)

Received DBH from Arizona State University (2020)

Received a host of certifications and awards between 2013-2022

Discovered my passion for counseling therapy in 2019

Began MetaMorphosis Wellness Center in Houston (2020)

Began True Tea Therapy in Tucson (2022)

Started Fables Foundation (2023)

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